Welcome to the Fall 2017 season for Grove City Youth Soccer Association!

Games will be starting in September 2017.  All games will be on Sundays unless makeup games need to be scheduled.

All Volunteer Positions

All positions within GCYSA are volunteer.  We have many different levels of volunteer commitments available, from concession stand to coordinators.  Each family is required to volunteer unless there are extenuating circumstances.  Please make sure to be respectful and sensitive to others as we all strive for one objective: making the season as successful and fun for our players as possible.  We appreciate your cooperation by volunteering and doing your best to help make the season successful.

Contact Information

Kelly Kelly and Stacia Cook

GCYSA In-House Coordinators
phone: 724-822-9190 and 724-992-0349
email: grovecityinhouse@gmail.com